Membership Rules

  1. Every Member on becoming a Member and thereafter on the 1st April every year shall pay such annual subscription, as the Council, from time to time may appoint.
  2. Application for Membership shall be made to the Council on the appropriate form and submitted to the Secretary together with the Membership subscription and an undertaking to sign the Register of Members of the Association, which is a statutory requirement.
  3. Such signing of the Register of Members also binds Members to a liability of £10 against the Associations debts in the event of insolvent liquidation. Such liability continues for one year after the Member resigns from the Association.
  4. Application for Membership is at the absolute discretion of the Association, will be given within three months of application being made.
  5. Any Member who fails to pay the appropriate subscription within three months of its becoming due automatically ceases to be a Member of the Association and must re-apply for Membership if required by the Council.
  6. The Association has a strict code of conduct for the behavior of Members. This code expects that at all times, Members will not  –
    1. Act in an uncivilized or unprofessional manner towards any other Member, agent or servant to the Association.
    2. Neglect or cause damage to any tangible or intangible asset or property of the Association.
    3. Contact any outside body with regard to Association business unless given prior authorisation from the Council.
    4. Discuss or communicate any matter of concern with respect to Association business to anyone outside the Association without first expressing such concern to Council and thence allowing a reasonable time a satisfactory response.
    5. Write or utter remarks to anyone either within or outside the Association that can be construed as racist, sexist or homophobic or relate to any person’s honesty, sobriety or integrity.
    6. Act in any way whatsoever which may cause the Association to be in breach of current Data Protection legislation.
  7. For any breach of the Rules herein, The Council may by a two-thirds majority of its members –
    1. Give a final warning to the Member that any further breach will be dealt with as under paragraph 7(b) below.
    2. Suspend or require the resignation of any member of the Association, and failing compliance within fourteen days, such member will be deemed to have resigned providing that before requiring resignation or suspension of such members they will have been given the opportunity of appearing before and addressing the Council and of hearing the reasons for the proposed action.
  8. Members who are granted Membership by means of examination will pay the appropriate Membership subscription when due if the Membership was granted more than six months before the due date. If less than six months before the due date an exception will be granted from subscriptions when the next due date occurs.
  9. Upon acceptance of Membership, the Member agrees unreservedly to grant permission to the Association to use the contact details of the Member in pursuit of promoting the Association’s development together with the Member’s educational or professional career.
  10. Every Member undertakes in full, the terms of paragraph 1 of these Rules.