Our Mission

  1. To disseminate information on Methods-Time Measurement (MTM), by whatever means in order to increase the awareness of the benefits to be gained from the application of the MTM techniques in all areas.
  2. To provide training and certification in the underlying theory and practice of all MTM systems and techniques including any new systems or derivations that emerge as a result of international research and development under the auspices of the International MTM Directorate (IMD).
  3. To organise and promote public courses on MTM and related management science disciplines.
  4. To provide technical advice, expertise and practical consultancy services for enterprises, both large and small.
  5. To assist in the continual professional development of the membership through the provision of internationally approved competence development audits and re-certification at approved intervals.
  6. To arrange specialist training for suitably qualified and experienced MTM practitioners to become Instructor members, allowing them therefore to become licensed to train interested persons in the full range of MTM techniques.
  7. To co-operate with other national MTM bodies, always adopting the recognised standards of training and qualification as approved by the IMD.
  8. To provide a social network, by whatever means to allow members to share problems and solutions within the growing international community of MTM specialists.
  9. To contribute and cooperate, both nationally and internationally, by whatever means, to research in work measurement and methods engineering systems and to deepen the knowledge of “man at work” and its effects, both physiological and psychological.