The International Blue Card

The holder of this card is evidence as to their ability to use their MTM discipline anywhere in the world.

International Employers and Unions can use this as proof of the holder’s ability to use MTM correctly.

Blue Card Criteria

The holder needs to be a member of a recognised MTM Association.

The holder will need to have passed a recognised MTM Discipline for at least 6 months and will need to submit evidence in the form of a video with analysis of at least

MTM 1          2,000 TMU’s,

MTM 2          3,000 TMU’s

UAS             4,000 TMU’s

There can be little or no process time and no repeated sequences.  The Blue Card is applicable for a 3 year duration.


The Blue Card is FREE to UK MTM Members as long as it is between 6 to 12 months following on from the examination.

To reapply for a new Blue Card the same criteria is applicable to any video analysis with an additional theory test.

The cost of this will be £50 per application.