MTM and Lean

The use of MTM starts at the very beginning of the value added chain. Its influence begins with the product idea and continues through all of the successive stages of design, production, repair and maintenance, making it a vital constant all the way to the end of the product life cycle.

“First Time Right!” is a guiding principle emphasizing the importance of optimizing costs and productivity during the product development stage of the value added chain.

Along the value added chain, the use of MTM and Lean in a coordinated manner proves to offer the optimum opportunity to avoid waste. MTM and Lean philosophies are used to analyse all processes in a company with respect to their value added contribution and to improve them, if required. In doing so, staff, products and the production processes achieve maximum harmony. The target contributions of MTM and Lean can be described as follows:


Lean strives                                                      

To create, throughout the whole value stream, the highest possible efficiency by synchronizing the flow              

• by reducing supplies, as well as, wasted time and human resources

• by shortening production cycles and delivery times to meet the needs of the customers 


MTM strives

To avoid waste, along the whole value added chain through method planning

• by applying appropriate methods and tools

• by standardizing production, based on a consistent data concept

• by providing time standards, based on a standardized reference performance


While both methodologies strive to improve efficiency, they differ in their approach to identifying waste:

Lean based on global optimization of flow  - MTM based on local optimization of activities

To use MTM and Lean together, along the value added chain, means to make the optimum use of both the synchronization of the value stream and methods design, in order to ensure low-waste flow coupled with efficient work methods