BellaFactory Program launched in Italy, is now ready to cross the borders.

Reduce by 30% the average processing costs compared to industrial Best in Class levels and do it together with the unions.

These are some of the goals that companies participating in the BellaFactory project will reach according to the Foundation Ergo, located at Varese, that brings together business, trade unions and universities in a research, training and certification of work design, measurement and control of biomechanical loads. The strategy is the harmonization between productivity and ergonomics, with the strong involvement of human resources, all, regardless of the color of their collar. BellaFactory is a program that caters primarily to the many small to medium sized factories throughout Italy.

But what it is and what impact will BellaFactory have on Italian factories? Basically it’s a mirror on the factory of the future, who qualifies for an operating model that can support continuous improvement in productivity from the bottom, as well as for the respect of health and ergonomics, and offering opportunities for professional growth for workers and managers. The project is starting with the audit in the first companies that have joined, including Maserati, Magneti Marelli and Denso TS, and the first results will be presented as early as March 2016, in a conference which we hope will attract the attention of our policy.

For companies that participate in the project an annual audit will be available to obtain the clear picture about the health of the factory. The aims are monitoring productivity, organizational systems and attention to the health and safety of workers. In the audit report we will present the major improvement actions, priorities and instruments to be deployed over the next 12 months to reach the next step of a multi-year path that must lead to best in class levels of productivity, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the business. This is our philosophy: there are no magic solutions; to compete in the manufacturing work we need to perfect every little detail and then insert it, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, in the right place, at the right time.

With our project we intend to spread the culture of Central European industry: business processes and organizational well-designed and measured – says Gabriele Caragnano, director of Foundation Ergo -. Also BellaFactory can guarantee to trade unions and workers a professional function and independent control of the correct application of scientific models of work organization, monitor continuous improvement and organizational innovation in the establishments and encourage the spread and the correct application of Decree 81/2008 regarding health and safety of workers.

BellaFactory wants also to be an attribute marketable through the certification and the “BellaFactory Award”. But not only, because according to the creators of the project the program can contribute to the sustainability of the business by improving competitiveness, the ability to attract talent and funding and strong relations between companies and unions. Thank BellaFactory also you can build relationships of company and union on the basis of objective data, a shared terminology (information, training and cooperation) and the contracting of work (supplementary contracts).

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