MTM Training Support

You’ve just completed your MTM training course – amazing work!

Now, wouldn’t it be great to have a qualified instructor on hand, answering any queries and checking to make sure the techniques are being applied in the best way?

That’s where our MTM training support consultancy can help.

Taking it step by step

Think of it like learning to drive. First you take lessons, then you pass your test. It’s only once you’re a qualified driver, taking to the roads and putting the theory into practice that you build confidence, learn more, and become an experienced driver.

Our MTM training support consultancy works the same way. The MTM training courses teach you the theory and skills to conduct MTM analysis. Post-training, our instructors can support you in your transition from trainee to becoming an experienced practitioner.

As part of this service, our MTM tutor will spend time with you on-site and support you any way you need. It could be:

  • A one-off follow-up a few weeks after your training
  • A series of check-ins over the first 12 months after qualifying
  • A one-off review and refresh to check best practice

All of the above can be carried out one-to-one or as part of a small team, and remote sessions are also available, if preferred.

Benefits of MTM

Training Support Consultancy

Carried out at a time to suit you and your needs

Embeds best practices in MTM techniques

Helps to accelerate your on-the-job application of techniques

Answers any questions you have when moving from classroom training to real-life application

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