Why MTM?

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) is the most established of all pre-determined motion-time systems (PMTS). The system was born in the USA and since its publication in 1948, it is now a worldwide phenomenon. The UK MTM Association was founded in 1964, and as all other National Associations, seeks to uphold the professional standards of training and research, which was the vision of Mike Maynard, who was the father of MTM. It was he who coined the phrase “MTM - First Time Right”!



  • Independent academic verification of all MTM data provides absolute confidence in its application.
  • MTM eliminates the need for the stopwatch and the often argumentative, subjective rating of operator performance.
  • MTM certification courses in all systems are regularly organised by the UK Association, at fees, which reflect the Association’s “not-for-profit” constitution.
  • The International MTM Directorate (IMD) controls the standards of training and all certification.
  • National Associations audit practitioner competence by routine examination at pre-determined intervals.


  • MTM can be applied to simplify product designs and also to improve workplace layouts, therefore reinforcing “Lean Management” thinking, from design through to despatch.
  • Intuitively, MTM Practitioners focus on “what is to be done” and not “what is being done”.
  • MTM is applicable across all economic sectors from manufacturing to servicisation, as evidenced by case studies on this site.
  • Emerging digital technologies now projects MTM to the forefront as the most cost effective and efficient foundation for underpinning enterprise simulation, planning and control.


  • Unambiguous MTM motion analysis permits rapid and accurate construction of “time blocks” for transfer between company locations and products.
  • Unique mnemonic coding seamlessly blends with computer software, therefore facilitating efficient computerised data analysis, storage and retrieval.
  • MTM data has been applied and verified in non-mainstream areas, such as visual inspection and working under microscopes.
  • Continuing research now extends MTM for the quantitative ergonomic evaluation of the physiological and psychological effects “man-at-work”.

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2015 MTM training courses

Over the past 3 years, in excess of 250 people 

have been trained in various MTM systems.

  • Flexible Part OR Full time basis, MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM UAS, Logistics & EAWS
  • Blue card advanced practioner certificates.
  • Official IMD certification courses

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