Simon Woodfield UK MTM Instructor

Simon’s Background

“I’m proud to use my experience to train the next generation of work-study professionals.

My background is as a retail leader where running shops efficiently by coaching my team to deliver consistent processes and standards was key to my success.

I added to this practical experience by training in a wide range of work study techniques with the UK MTM Association. I have applied the training working on a wide range of projects and industries.

Combining my career experiences to date makes it easy for me to spot efficiency opportunities, such as when individual workstation layouts aren’t optimal or, on a larger scale, when a different layout or workflow would improve productivity.

I’ve learnt to hone my skills in spotting better ways of doing things by undertaking analysis of how individual movements add up to get a task done and love sharing the MTM approach with others.

I want people I train in MTM techniques to be able to measure times accurately using the relevant methodology and to be able to apply their learning to identify how to change processes, physical environments, and workflows to speed up processes and ensure consistency.”