Time Study & Work Measurement

Further to our training in MTM, we also train in time study and work measurement, with the use of a stopwatch or tablet where applicable. This training is a further development for Industrial Engineers to assist in the application of providing management information for processes within a company.

Pace Rating

It’s important for every work study professional to keep their pace rating spot on by completing an annual pace rating clinic. It’s easy for ratings to drift over time and an annual clinic means you, and your customers, can be sure you are getting it just right. 

The UK MTM Association has worked with one of our partners to create an online pace rating clinic – one you do from your own laptop, when and where suits you best.


At ReTime, you can do a practice test, complete your full assessment and get your certificate – with no need to travel or miss paid days of work to attend a clinic. You’ll also get a reminder when your next clinic is due to make it easy to always be up to date.

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