MTM-VI (Visual Inspection)

MTM Visual Inspection is a predetermined time system developed for the planning and evaluation of visual inspection operations where human judgement and binary decision-making processes are pre-eminent

The System

First published in 1992 by the German MTM-Association, and then developed along with a working group consisting of nine major German companies as well as the University of Dortmund.

It has been used successfully in the UK in the automotive and electronic industries.

MTM-VI (Visual Inspection) is a building block system for planning, designing and assessing times for those visual inspection activities, which depend on human judgment and decision-making. The time required for such activities is the result of a high degree of complex mental processes, thus they cannot be reliably analysed with the common techniques of time calculation. The latest findings of numerous research projects in industrial science and medicine have been taken into account in developing the building blocks. MTM Visual Inspection also facilitates the proper selection of optic aids such as magnifying glasses, microscopes and monitors, as well as the design and assessment of visual inspection activities using these aids.

Typical Application Areas

Typical application areas exist in companies with a significant degree of visual inspection activities, such as visual inspection of;

Soldered joints or conductor paths on circuit boards
Coated surfaces
Moulded parts for completeness and surface quality
Dials and markings on visual devices
Parts transported on conveyor belts (e.g. bottles, tiles)

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