MTM-UAS® is known as a 3rd level MTM system and was developed between 1976 and 1978 by a consortium of the German, Swiss and Austrian MTM Associations.

The System

The system was specifically developed for small batch production where speed of analysis has priority over methods and operational detail.

The data was developed having in mind the following objectives –

  • High analysis speed
  • Reproducibility of working methods
  • Sufficient accuracy for standard operations
  • Universal Application

The system requires the following production characteristics –

  • Similarity of tasks
  • Standard work places
  • Good organisation of the work
  • Availability of good detailed work-specifications
  • Qualified workers, trained and motivated

The data was derived from MTM-1® analyses from films of typical batch production operations

UAS level 2 (Basic Operations)

Consists of seven activities –

Get and Place
Handle Tool
Motion Cycles
Body Motions
Visual Controls

The data Card shows a total of 77 unique codes, whose values range from 5 to 160 TMU (0.15 to 4.8 secs).

The accuracy of MTM-UAS®, compared to MTM-1®, has never been officially defined but generally it is claimed not to be suitable for non-repetitive cycles of less than 1 minute (1,667 TMU) but again as with MTM-2® it has been used successfully for shorter non-repetitive cycles.