MTM-2® is a very simplified form of PMTS, derived exclusively from MTM-1®. It is referred to as a second-generation system.

The System

The system was designed and developed largely by the efforts of the UK, USA and Swedish National MTM associations and was approved by the International Methods Time Measurement Directorate in 1965. Since then many thousands have and continue to be trained.

The complete project report, showing the derivation of all the data was published in 1971 and is available for inspection through the UK MTM Association.

The system is exceptionally descriptive of human motion analysis. Although MTM-2® is not as detailed as MTM-1®, nevertheless, it permits the analysis of work into unique micro time elements. Although officially defined as being sufficiently accurate for evaluating work cycles in of 0.8 minutes (1,600 TMU); experience has shown that the system has been applied successfully for operations at little more than 25% of this figure.


It’s relative simplicity was achieved by statistically combining, averaging and substituting the basic motions that form the MTM-1® system in order to arrive at much fewer application codes and time values. MTM-2® has 39 unique codes, whereas MTM-1® has more than 1,600 codes, each with specific time values.

The 9 Basic MTM-2® Motions

Get and Get Weight – 16 TMU values
Put and Put Weight – 16 TMU values
Apply Pressure *
Regrasp *
Crank *
Eye Action *
Foot Motion *
Step *
Bend and Arise *

* Note – One single TMU value for these motions

Speed of application

Research has shown that a skilled MTM Analyst will require between 100 and 150 minutes to complete a detailed MTM-2® analysis of a work cycle of one minute’s duration. Therefore the speed of application is approximately two to three times faster than MTM-1®.