MTM-Logistics (SOL)

MTM Logistics is a high-level MTM system derived from MTM-UAS® and designed specifically for the rapid analysis of manual motions in the Logistics Industrial Sector

The System

The system comprises a comprehensive set of building blocks for the following operations:

  • Handling
  • Open and close packing
  • Cognition
  • Lift trucks
  • Electric tow tractor
  • Hand pallet truck
  • Transport trolleys
  • Crane data

Standard Operations Logistics (SOL)

MTM can make a valuable contribution in the organisation and evaluation of the logistic processes. In the context of the logistic activity in different divisions, many comparable operational sequences occur which have an insignificant variation in time. While such typical operational sequences can vary in their complexity, they can be regarded as standard operations within the overall range of logistics. MTM developed and offers applications for this area, including aggregate building blocks for:


Activities with different means of transport such as stackers, forklifts, hand pallet trucks and carriages.


Handle from boxes, containers, bundles, opening and closing packing containers, information (orders/vouchers) processing.

The UK MTM Association now offers approved training for members who are licensed MTM-UAS® Practitioners.

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