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The UK MTM Association was founded in 1964, and like all other National Associations, seeks to uphold the professional standards of training and research, which was the vision of H. B. Maynard, who was the father of MTM. It was he who coined the phrase “MTM – First Time Right”.


Independent academic verification of all MTM data

MTM eliminates the need for the stopwatch

MTM certification courses are regularly organised by the UK Association


MTM can be applied to simplify product designs

MTM Practitioners focus on“what is to be done”

MTM is applicable across all economic sectors from manufacturing to servicisation


MTM motion analysis permits rapid construction of “time blocks”

Mnemonic coding blends with computer software, to facilitate efficient data analysis

MTM data has been applied and verified in non-mainstream areas

Work Measurement System

MTM is a Work Measurement system that does not use a Stop Watch or Time Study (Time and Motion) and negates the need for Pace Rating. When used independently, or with Lean or Six Sigma it is a powerful System for Process Design, Tooling Design and Layout Design.

Method Improvement

It is also used for Process Improvement, Productivity Improvement, Labour Utilisation and OEE calculations.


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