MTM-SD® (Standard Data)

It is recommended to use MTM-Standard Data for long-cyclic operations (more than 0.6 min), performed by workers with a comparatively high routine level

Standard Data

A high routine level can be observed by a low variance in the individual operator methods and can be achieved by frequent repetition of the operation. Under these conditions, the use of Standard Data is more efficient than the use of MTM-1®.

It is a 2nd level GET/PLACE system, is twice as fast as MTM-1® and does not require two-handed method analysis.

Application of MTM-SD®

The application of Standard Data is related to the process type 2 (large batch production). According to the features, to characterise the process types there is a smooth transition between type 1 and type 2 in practice.

MTM-SD® can be found in all phases along the value chain in applications for structuring, planning, design, time evaluation, balancing and improvement including tasks relevant for time management, such as:

  • Preliminary costing, human resource planning, data for wage and salary systems
  • Estimation of allowed time for long-cyclic operations
  • Creation of company-specific building blocks

Basic Data are suitable for workplace design as they are based on MTM-1® basic motions. This leads to rather small building blocks that still give detailed information on the work method. Compared to MTM-1®, it is not possible find out about the subtleties in each motion because of the aggregation of the building blocks. For example, different cases of Reach or Move cannot be identified as they belong to a single building block in SD Basic Data.


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