Testimonials / Case studies


“MTM/UAS has created a paradigm shift in Industrial Engineering for Vauxhall motors.

From: - Someone with a stop watch; demanding performance & pace, whilst hitting many road blocks from workers & trade union officials.

To: - The method determines the time. Show me your method & I will record the time allocated to that element of work, greatly reducing the friction & stigma of measuring work, leading to positive results!

A fantastic, efficient & effective tool now used on every aspect of our manufacturing process. Giving me detailed, reliable data for the bench mark of standard operation’s & line balancing”

From:- Mr Graham Dyke - Plant Industrial Engineer & CIP Leader, GMS & IE Ellesmere Port.



From: Andrew Linstead - Production Specialist - UK BMW Group

MTM technique is the foundation of our assembly process planning. Clearly describing the process and time required its ideal for line balancing, headcount management and identifying process improvements. Business cases are clear to analyse using MTM as core data. Not only can this be used to analyse current processes but concept and future ones too. Once qualified and experienced the analyst can use MTM to quickly breakdown the process into clear steps in an unbiased way.

The training received although quite intensive was clear and understandable. The tutor was very experienced in the course material as well as the industry of the candidates and provided relevant case studies. The course was well structured with each topic briefly revisited from the previous day. I particularly like that the main interest of the tutor is to make sure the candidates use MTM correctly and is available for support as and when needed.